Spring is coming back, it's time to see the world in color!

Surely you know that the three primary colors are:

  • Le rouge 
  • Le jaune et 
  • The blue 


You probably remember:

  • That a mixture of red and yellow gives orange.
  • That a mixture of red and blue gives purple, and even
  • That a mixture of yellow and blue gives green.


But have you tried to mix the latter two by two?


You will get amazing mixtures:

  • Orange + purple gives red ochre (or burnt sienna)
  • Orange + green gives yellow ocher (or natural sienna)
  • Green + Purple gives Payne's Gray (or bluish gray)


Try these mixtures, you will be surprised with the result!

A little advice: add a little white to your mixtures to make each result more convincing.


See you soon !

Jacques Berté

English (UK)